E is for Encryption

Encryption means making a message incomprehensible to everyone except those who have a (secret) decryption key.
It ensures that only the chosen recipient (to whom the key was given) can understand the message’s contents. 

What does that have to do with the Internet and Cozy Cloud? 

It turns out that all of us at Cozy Cloud care about your privacy. Data passing through the Internet and circulating between a smartphone, the cloud, and a PC needs to be encrypted to prevent it from being read or modified by someone malicious: a requirement for a secure personal Cloud. 
In fact, you already use encryption, maybe without knowing it! You have probably noticed a small closed lock, often green, next to the address of e-commerce websites or your online banking platform. This indicates that your connection to the site is secure, i.e., encrypted. 
A note on terminology.  

Encryption is when you make a message or conversation illegible. Decryption is using a key to make the message readable. If you want to understand what a message says without having the key, you had best arm yourself with patience, because even with an extremely powerful computer, this operation can take decades.      

It’s pretty simple. Cryptology – the science of secrecy, which covers encryption – is very complicated and relies on extremely complex mathematical concepts. But rest assured, using encryption in Cozy is simple, because it is automatic and transparent!

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