C is for Connector

In your Cozy, connectors are very useful tiny programs that enable you to ... connect (but of course!) 

Cozy to the website of a company you are a customer of (your insurer, your mobile network operator, etc.) and recover personal data held online. 
It is a small robot that connects to a website on your behalf to import your information stored on the website into Cozy. 

Each connector is site-specific.

We create connectors for as many services as possible, but not every service is available yet.
If you need a connector that does not yet exist for a website that you use, let us know. We will add it as soon as possible!

Many of these connectors can regularly retrieve and store your bills in Cozy, where they are quick and easy to find whenever you want. 

For example, the Ameli connector retrieves the list of health insurance reimbursements, and the Trainline connector collects your train tickets.

Thanks to «connectors», users who wish to can automatically collect statements or bills that they usually consult by connecting to each service (bank, insurance, telecoms, etc.) via Cozy. 

This data can then be synced with each other via Cozy apps in order to provide users with a comprehensive service.

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