Is my data safe?

Yes, your data is extremely safe when it is in your Cozy, for several reasons. 

First, our servers are housed in a data center where physical access is strictly controlled: barbed wire, video surveillance, RFID access control, motion detection. 

Everything you can imagine – way more than in spy movies! 

See the question “Where are your servers hosted?”

In addition, the files are encrypted on the hard drive, so that even if someone managed to enter the data center and steal the hard drive where your data is kept, they would not be able to understand what’s there. 
In the same way, communications between your PC or smartphone and Cozy’s servers are also encrypted using the most reliable programs. 

Cozy has an A+ rating (the highest) in the leading test. 

This is thanks to the hard work of our Infra team (whose members are very friendly, despite their paranoia). 

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