How do I create my Cozy?

If you'd like to create your Cozy, this section of the guide is for you. Let's go!

Step 1 - Create the web address for your Cozy

       Accept the invitation which you have received by email

In order to get home, you either need to enter your address into a GPS or know your address by heart. This is exactly the same for your Cozy, but without the need for a compass!

Your Cozy address is exclusively yours. Unlike your home address, it's not listed in the phone book for everyone to see.

Do you need inspiration for your address?

Don't panic! We have prepared a few examples to help you out - please note these are only examples that shouldn't be copied verbatim, but should help inspire you to find your own personalized address:

Step 2 — Create your password 

Our team has some suggestions to help you increase the safety of your password: check out the following page.

Step 3 - Download our Cozy Drive applications for your computer and smartphone

You can connect to your Cozy at any time using a web browser on your computer (for this you need to enter your address that ends in yourname. 

However if you download our computer and mobile phone apps, you can stay connected to your Cozy in several places, and stay synced when you are traveling.

For download instructions, click on the link that corresponds to your operating system.







Synced apps: everything that you do on one device appears on all of your other devices. Cozy Drive apps for computer and mobile phone allow you to save your documents on one device and access them from another. Pretty practical!

Step 4 - Start collecting your invoices by activating one or more connectors

1. Click on Applications in the upper right-hand corner of your screen (insert corresponding gif)

2. Click on Cozy Collect which inventories all connectors available in your Cozy. (what is a connector? link)

By selecting your suppliers' connectors, you will automate data recovery for your various client accounts.

It's very simple: (insert corresponding gif)

1. Select the supplier

2. Enter your username and password - these give you access to your client space. With a single click, your connector is operational and active.

3. A green icon will appear on the activated connector.

You may do this with as many connectors as you like (insofar as you have a linked client account).

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