H is for HTTPS

HTTPS is one of those seemingly barbaric terms that have become pervasive with the rise of digital technology, but don't be intimidated: you probably use HTTPS on a daily basis!

Prior to HTTPS, there was HTTP, which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. It's the protocol (in other words the mechanism) that allows your computer or phone to communicate when connected to a website. Today, HTTP is progressively being replaced by HTTPS, which is essentially a secured version of the same thing. This is why your web browser (Firefox or Chrome or Safari) shows a little padlock symbol when you're using it. With HTTPS, your communication with a website is encrypted (therefore unreadable to third parties) and the site to which you connect is authenticated (you're sure to be on the actual website that the site claims to be).  Also, you can rest assured that your communication is not modified by third parties. 

HTTPS was first used to connect to banks and e-commerce websites, but now it's increasingly used by more sites. This is a good thing in terms of safeguarding privacy. Of course, Cozy uses HTTPS to protect your data from interception.

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