What is Cozy Store?

Thanks to the Cozy Store, users of the Cozy personal cloud can connect their Cozy to more than 100 online services that users use in order to automatically import data such as invoices, administrative documents, play-lists, history or pay slips. This connection requires only one click, and data is cross-referenced using apps (Cozy Contacts, Cozy Drive, Cozy Banks) to simplify users' digital lives.

By launching the Cozy Store five months after the public launch of Cozy, Cozy has created and developed an ethical and open app and connector ecosystem. Cozy Store allows all service suppliers and/or contributors to offer an app or connector. 

The scope and innovation made possible by the combination of all of these factors is exceptional. 

By equipping individuals with appropriate tools, which are essential for data use, Cozy is opening up a sea of possibilities, exceeding what any digital silo could ever achieve.

To date, users can enjoy the following applications: 

  • NEW - Store: catalog of all apps and third-party services that can connect to your Cozy
  • NEW - Contact: starting point for your de-GAFAMization, which makes it possible to import your contacts from Google. 
  • Drive: saving files, syncing with different devices (Mac, PC, Linux, Android and iOS), and file sharing                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Banks: gather all bank accounts from more than 25 banks in a single overview. Cozy creates a one click link to bills, and informs you of Ameli or other health insurance reimbursements. It's the end of feeling guilty about not being able to keep up with one's admin. 
  • Photos: the Cozy mobile app makes it possible to automatically sync, save and share photos taken on users' phones                                                         

The Cozy Store's aim is to offer a wide range of open source apps, guaranteeing transparency for its users. Thanks to the Cozy Store, users will be able to authorize their Cozy to connect with a third-party account and disconnect whenever they want to. 

In short, Cozy provides its users with a digital home:

  • Users can consolidate all data produced in real time
  • Each user is the only person who can access their Cozy data
  • Users control all access and permissions, and can revoke them as and when they see fit
  • Users choose the third-party algorithms and data to which they have access

The use of Cozy is still free even with 2 new apps: 

  A Cozy hosted by Cozy Cloud with 5GB of data storage: €0 for life 

  Self-hosted: €0 for life 

  Fee-paying options are also possible to cover the costs of disk space used:

  50GB: €2.99 / month

  1,000GB: €9.99 / month                                         

Cozy is still available on all of your devices from the cozy.io website, but also for Mobile use via the Apple app store and Google Play store.

Facebook, Amazon, Google and other large digital platforms collect your data, and you? 

Start immediately recovering your invoices, administrative documents, etc...from more than 100 online services: Google, Zalando, Deliveroo, Deezer, MAIF, Orange, Free, Impôts, Ameli, Just Eat, PayFit, Netflix, Direct Energie, Unibet, Auchan Drive, Darty, Boulanger, Trainline, Ouisncf, Booking.com...

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