Cozy's software code is free. How does this guarantee security for my Cozy?

The open source and decentralized cloud is structurally more secure. Why?

The current centralization of data in silos owned by the major industry players is a catastrophe in terms of security, especially when these silos are advertising powerhouses whose economic model is based on selling their users' attention. This model is also highly conducive to digital piracy. Although our data is incredibly valuable to each of us, individually it has little value for an attacker who is interested in securing mass data in the event of a successful security breach. Decentralization breaks the current model, thereby increasing the cost of cyber attacks and reducing their likelihood.

Cozy uses open source code, which can be audited at any time by trusted experts in order to ensure that it's free from any unintentional or hidden flaws. There is no possible black box effect.

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