G is for GDPR

Cozy Cloud and GDPR: a short history within a larger context

Today we can say: Cozy Cloud dreamed it, and GDPR made it a reality!

Once upon a time...

At the end of 2013, a few months after Cozy Cloud was founded, we helped to create this legislation.

It started with the following question: What is the cloud's future in Europe?

Benjamin André, Cozy Cloud's co-founder, had a clear answer:

None. As long as data highways remained one-way routes to California, the values governing these highways would head in the same direction and never return to Europe.

The outcome was the Law for a Digital Republic promulgated on 7 October 2016, which influenced the adoption of Article 20 on data portability.

GDPR: what changes for you as a Cozy user? Only good changes! 

Simply put, this new directive (General Data Protection Regulation) specifies that each user owns his or her own data and can dispose of it at will. Does this remind you of something? 

  • Our general terms of service are always clear and understandable: because it's difficult for you since you would have to read at least 300 pages of new ToS (counting at least 10 online services multiplied by the number of pages of legal texts (30 minimum)), we have created a before/after system so you can always access the previous version of the ToS that you accepted. No hidden tricks! 
  • An updated and accessible privacy policy: in the context of GDPR, we have added our privacy policy to our ToS. Our designers O Joie have helped make this as easy a read as possible on a dedicated web page on the cozy.io website
  • Contact made easy in order to claim your rights: Right to portability, right to be forgotten, right to consent...you are gaining new digital rights! We have created an e-mail address specifically dedicated to understanding and claiming your new rights: privacy@cozycloud.cc.
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