Step 1: Confirm your subscription

Step 1: Confirm your subscription to access your Cozy

 Cozy uses e-mails to communicate with you: to communicate the new features of your Cozy, to support you in your discovery. But these emails are only sent once your Cozy is activated: so we are sure that you receive the emails.

When you create your Cozy space, you should receive an email entitled "Your Cozy is ready" that allows you to activate your Cozy.

Activation is done by clicking the link inserted in this e-mail.

💡 If you have not received your activation email, this may have several causes:

    Have you searched for the e-mail in your "Junk Mail" folder?

    It is possible that the e-mail has been classified in the "Junk Mail" folder. In order to avoid that this email is classified as spam, you can add the address in your contacts.
    Your problem is still not solved?

    Contact Claude directly by e-mail at specifying in the subject line of the e-mail "Activation e-mail problem".

💡 If the activation link does not work, please check your browser. Indeed, for security reasons, some browsers such as Internet Explorer 11 are not compatible with Cozy. We recommend that you install Firefox.


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