Scan a document

 You can easily scan all your documents using the Mobile Drive scanner.

 First of all, make sure you have the Drive mobile app on your smartphone. If not, download it from this page (available on Android, iOS).

1. Launch the Drive application

2. Click on the 3 small points at the top right to scroll down the menu above

3. Click on Scan a doc. (example below: your identity card)

4. A window of the photo application opens and your Cozy asks you for permission to take a picture of your document.

5. Select the document that you want to scan.

6. Click on Validate to finalize the scanning of the document.

7. Rename the photo taken if necessary

8. Qualify the document in the category of your choice with a simple click

9. All you have to do is save by clicking on Save.

10. ✅ It's saved and stored in your cozy! You will find the scanned document in the location originally chosen in your Drive folder

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