Here are some key concepts to better understand the password manager and its jargon.

  • password manager: this is an digital tool that allows you to store all the passwords you use in one place. The principle is simple: when you enter your username and password on a site, the manager detects it and offers to store it. This backup makes it easy to have long, complex passwords and even to renew them regularly! When you visit the site again, the input fields will be pre-filled.
  • extension: A browser extension allows you to automatically store your credentials as soon as you register on a new site and as soon as you log in for the first time to an existing account or log in again.
  • vault: The password manager stores all your passwords and other important information in an electronic safe. Consider a physical safe, but for your online valuables. Your safe contains everything you have saved with your password manager, including passwords, identities, and credit card information. From this safe, you can launch websites, change credentials, add personal information, and more.
  • Password Generator: The Password Generator allows you to securely generate and save strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts.

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