Why do you need to choose a strong master password?

When you create your Cozy, you define both your address and a password for Cozy. This password is your personal key that protects all your data stored in your Cozy.

When you use the Cozy password manager then this Cozy password also becomes the unique key that opens access to all your other passwords managed by the password manager.

The Cozy password is therefore your master password in this case.

Its role becomes crucial:
Your password is a bit like the combination of a safe. If you know it, you can open it.

If not, the safe will remain sealed. The secret is that you are the only one who has the code.

Your password is:

  •         Always confidential
  •         Never stored on our servers: not known by Cozy Cloud
  •         Never transmitted online
  •         you are the only one to know it

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