Releases - Week 9

Every week, we publish the changes, news and other new features in your personal cloud, Cozy.

1. Front - List of changes

 Pass, new application to store and backup all your passwords in your personal cloud

✨ First release of our new password manager of Cozy


For more details check out our Github page : version 1.26.0

✨ Harvest takes the logic of connecting online banks to Budget Insight

✨ Link from Harvest: Managing the case when the application is not installed

🐛 Connector displayed in error


For more details check out our Github page : version 1.27.0

🐛 Error 'asset not found' in the link to the data of konnectors

🐛 Wording error case SCA Required


For more details check out our Github page : version 1.14.0

✨ All types of refunds

 In addition to health reimbursements, all types of reimbursements can be configured in Banks (expense reports, etc.)

🐛 Update Banks internal connector catalogue

🐛 Be able to tick off virtual accounts (refund account)

🐛The check mark to display the incomes was hidden on mobile (analysis tab)


For more details check out our Github page : version 1.9.0

✨ Allow Drive Mobile or Drive Desktop to fill in the username when using a shared note. This will allow the recipients of a shared note to have their own initials on the note's cursors.

✨ Improve wording of texts in the note edition date indicator in the lower right-hand corner

🐛 The note edit dates indicator shows when the note was last recorded


For more details check out our Github page : version 3.19.0

✨ Open notes from your synchronization folder installed on your computer

🐛  Unable to disconnect the application after revocation of the OAuth client

🐛  With Atom/Watcher, the initial scan is silently stopped in case of an error while browsing a folder.

🐛 Under HFS+ macOS the addition of accented files in an accented folder can lead toInvalidMove

🐛  Cannot move via its parent folder a file that has been edited

2. Liste des évolutions côté back

Stack : more details of the Cozy Stack

✨ Manage the wildcards for permissions which allows to have a certificate (https) valid on all sub-domains.

✨ More precise rules on the names of doctypes

✨ Support hyperlinks

✨ Improve the URL request page in the context of sharing

✨ Add support for bookmarks for mango queries on files

✨ Check the validity of the domains/aliases of a Cozy instance

✨ Improve support for internationalized domain names

🐛 Do not block the preview of share links in iMessage

🐛 Fix for opening notes in a link-shared folder

🐛 Correct the output of  {{.Flags}} et {{.CozyData}}

🐛 Patch for 2FA with bitwarden iOS app

🐛 Use the domain from which the request in the mail comes for password reset and archive download mails

🐛 Bar - The support window gives back the hand to the user once the email has been sent


✨ Export invoices for accounting

✨ Manage Alias Domains

✨ API to export invoices for a future konnector

🐛 Cancel the subscription once an instance is deleted

✨ new releases
🐛 bug fixes
🔧 new features

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