Breadcrumb for your sharings

Breadcrumb is the area above your file list in Cozy Drive that gives you the path to the folder you're in, to help you retrace your steps.

We have improved its presentation to make it clearer, both in your Cozy, and when you share documents via a public link.

Here is a small review of the evolutions, with some before and after pictures.

Let's imagine this tree structure:

In your Cozy



The breadcrumb trail displays more levels. Moreover, by clicking on … a menu allows you to navigate quickly in the tree structure:

From a public link

Imaginons que vous ayez partagé le dossier Racine du partage via un lien public.

Voilà ce que verront vos contacts en accédant au lien :



 Also, when you navigate to the subfolders of public pages, the address in the URL bar changes to point to the subfolder you are in. One of your contacts can then re-share a link directly to a sub-folder of the share.

When clicking on a link pointing to a sub-folder, you used to see:

From now on, the display will be


This way, someone arriving directly in a sub-folder of the public share will be able to navigate more easily through the rest of the shared folder.

This does not imply any change in the permissions of your shared files, just a clearer display.

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