Back up photos and videos from your mobile

To secure all your photos and videos on your mobile, Cozy offers intelligent backup from your mobile (Android, iOS): all photos and videos on your phone are backed up to your Cozy.

Depending on the number of items on your phone, the first backup may take a long time.
During subsequent backups, only new photos and videos will be sent to your Cozy. Therefore, the more regular your backups are, the faster they will be.
On Android 12 and 13, and on iOS, it is necessary to keep the Cozy application in the foreground for the backup to complete correctly. Otherwise automatically paused and will restart when the application comes back to the foreground.

If you were already using the Cozy Drive app on your phone

This safeguard relies on a new, distinct mechanism. The first time you run the backup, it will copy all of your photos and videos to a new folder in your Cozy, separate from the one where your photos were saved by the old application.

Initialize backup

Open the Cozy app on your phone and go to Photos. Allow Cozy to access your photos and videos by tapping “Save”. An analysis of the multimedia files is launched automatically. The backup of photos and videos will then begin.

Access his photos

At the end of a backup, you have a direct link to your backed up photos.
You can also access it via Drive, at the following location:Drive Photos / Backed up from my mobile / {your phone} / {your folders}

Keep your backup up to date

Open the Cozy mobile app, go to Photos and tap “Save”.