Cozy Pass extension for browsers

What is the Cozy extension for my browser?

The Cozy extension takes care of remembering the passwords for you while encrypting them.

You will only need a "super password" (says the master password ) to access it then.

You can even use double authentication to take no risks by activating it in your Cozy.

The extension can also suggest passwords thanks to its generator and thus meet the requirements of the sites on which you are browsing.

This extension is available on Chrome and Firefox .

How to install the extension on my browser ?

For Chrome users:

If you access your Cozy from Chrome, the Cozy Pass application available in your Cozy from the home page helps you install it.

You can also access it via the interface dedicated to Chrome extensions - the Chrome Web Store - or by clicking directly on this link .

For Firefox users:

You can access it via the interface dedicated to Mozilla extensions or by clicking directly on this link .

For Edge users:

You can install the extension on Edge by directly clicking on this link .

How does it work?

The extension appears as a blue cloud in your taskbar. By clicking on this cloud, you will access 4 sections:

  • "Tab " section : this section summarizes the useful data of the site you are currently visiting: the Cozy password manager will offer you in this tab only the passwords of the site in question as well as any data linked to a payment, or identity data to facilitate the completion of an online form.
  • "My safe " section : this is the main section of the manager, you will find all your registered usernames and passwords, as well as payment cards or identity data.
  • "Generator " section : the password generator allows you to create passwords according to the constraints of different websites (e.g. character length, special characters, etc.)
  • "Settings " section : from this section you can modify the options and perform specific actions:
  • configure the locking/unlocking options for your safe
  • export the data of your safe in .json or.csv (note this export will contain all your passwords)
  • disable the automatic suggestion of connectors (= the services to connect)
  • enable auto-filling of usernames and passwords when loading the page
  • clear clipboard
  • disable add username notification
  • disable password change notification
  • To optimize the use of your password manager: read the article

How to remove the extension on Firefox

To remove the Cozy Pass extension from your Firefox browser, simply:

- Click on the icon of the application which should appear in the menu bar of your Firefox .

- Click with the right button of the mouse on this icon, a menu allows you to delete the extension.

If you don't see the icon, open the Firefox main menu, and select "  Add-ons  ". You should then see Cozy Pass among the installed extensions. By clicking on the “  …  ” menu, you can delete it from your browser.