How to edit your documents directly in your Cozy

Since February 2023, it has been possible to consult and edit your office documents directly in your Cozy, from your browser.

For the time being, this feature is reserved for Cozynautes who have subscribed to the Super comfort offer . It is in the testing phase and has some limitations, detailed below.

Create a new document

You can create a text document, spreadsheet, or presentation by clicking on the "Add" button at the top right of the list of your files, then select the file type of your new document to create.

How to create a new document

Naturally, if you send a document from your computer to your Cozy, you can view and edit it in your browser.

Edit a document

To open and edit a file, just click on it. The file automatically opens in the editor.

How to edit a document

Share a document

Sharing options for a document are similar to any other file type in Cozy. There are 2 ways to share documents:

  • by sharing it with a Cozy user via his email address;
  • by creating a link to share by the means of your choice (email, sms, etc.).
Sharing by link
Share with a Cozy

In both cases you can give access in read-only mode (recipients cannot modify the document), or in edit mode (recipients can access and modify your file).


For now, editing documents is not possible from a phone. The editor is not updated if the document is modified by another application. For example if you simultaneously modify the file on your computer and synchronize it with your Cozy. It is therefore important to remember to close the editor when you have finished using it, to prevent concurrent updates from crashing.