I do not receive emails sent by my Cozy

It is important that you enter a valid email address in the settings of your Cozy. Indeed, your Cozy may need to send you messages. For example, if you have activated multi-factor authentication, each time you log in, a confirmation code will be sent to you by email. If you forgot your server password, you can ask to reset it. In this case, your Cozy will send you a message explaining the procedure to your contact address.

But it may happen that you do not receive these messages. This can have several causes:

  • some messages could not be delivered to you due to a technical problem on your mail server. In this case, your Cozy considers that your address is no longer valid, and suspends the sending of messages. To remedy this, simply send a message to Claude to confirm that your address is still valid;
  • your mailbox takes our messages for unsolicited advertising. She can file them in an “Unwanted Mail” mailbox or simply refuse them. In this case, we cannot do much about it, it is necessary to see with your provider how to do so that our messages are accepted. Some messaging systems allow you to declare a list of addresses from which you wish to receive messages. This is for example the case if you use an address @free.fr.

Configure the free.fr messaging service to receive messages from Cozy

To receive the messages sent by your Cozy, we advise you to configure your Free mailbox to indicate that you wish to receive our messages. To do this, you must use the Zimbra Webmail to which you can connect from https://zimbra.free.fr/

In the Webmail Preferences tab, click in the left menu on Mail / Accepted addresses . You can then enter the addresses from which you systematically wish to receive messages

To write to you, your Cozy uses noreply@mycozy.cloud . For my part, I sometimes write to you from the addresses contact@cozycloud.cc , support@cozycloud.cc or claude@cozycloud.cc . By adding these 4 addresses, you no longer risk losing any of our messages.