Lock the Cozy app on my phone

If you want to prevent someone who has access to your phone from accessing your data stored in your Cozy, you have the option of automatically locking your application and unlocking it using your password, a code PIN or your biometric fingerprint (fingerprint or face recognition).

To activate the automatic lock of your mobile app, all you need to do is go to your Settings app and then go to the 'Lock screen' menu. In this menu, you can choose to “Automatically lock the app”. Once this option is activated, your application will be locked as soon as it is killed or in the background for more than 5 minutes.

Go to the 'Lock screen' section
Enable 'Automatically lock app'

In order to make it easier to unlock your app, you can choose to unlock your app using a PIN code or using your fingerprint or face recognition depending on what your phone offers. To do this, simply select the options you want from the 'Lock screen' menu in the Settings app.

Unlocking the application by fingerprint
PIN Unlock