How to install on my devices

How to install on Edge

Install it on your browser

Cozy Password Manager is currently compatible with the release versions of the following browsers: Chrome and Firefox and Edge.

Cozy Password Manager doesn't work in Safari on macOS from version 6.1 to the latest public release.

Safari on Windows is not supported. We are working on it!

How to use it on mobile

The mobile version of the Cozy Password Manager application is under development. We will let you know as soon as it becomes available. It will allow you to retrieve your passwords directly on a secure mobile application.

However, we have an alternative for very advanced users: if you absolutely need mobile access, you can use Bitwarden's mobile application.

As we use Bitwarden's technology, their mobile application is compatible with the password manager integrated in your Cozy by activating a few parameters. in short terms the mobile application will connect to your Cozy's vault when you enter your login details.

  • Download the Bitwarden application (via the Google Play app store or App Store)
  • Open it and click on the gear on the login page.

If your cozy has as url : then enter in the field "......." then click on "save".
In the login and password fields, enter as your cozy's email and password.

You will thus have access to the passwords of your online services, but without the functions and graphic universe specific to Cozy.