Format a Cozy Notes

Formatting text in a note

To format text in a note, select the text you want to edit.

The following menu is always displayed at the top of the interface:

This menu offers several formatting actions - the essential functions are there: lists, quote, bold, images, underline, link, table...

Markdown is a popular and light file format, allowing to easily and especially very quickly add a little formatting in a text.

Cozy Notes are by default text files in Markdown format with the extension .cozy-notes. However, if your Note contains images then the file will become an archive grouping together the images and the text file of the Note itself, always in Markdown format.

It is possible to edit a note with other software, directly on your computer if it is synchronized with Cozy Drive. You can also download a Note present in your Cozy to your telephone, or your computer, to modify it with the third-party software of your choice, then re-send it to your Cozy.

Cozy Notes use the Markdown format to allow easy interoperability with any text editor. Markdown formats may however differ slightly from one to another, note that some advanced formatting may not be perfectly maintained when switching from one to another.