I have conflicting files, what should I do?

Currently, the sync app has a very cautious approach, probably too much.

It tries as much as possible not to overwrite one of your files with an older version. As soon as it has the slightest doubt, it creates a file suffixed by `conflict` which contains a copy of your file. Unfortunately, this can lead to the multiplication of these files. We are currently working on improving conflict detection, to only create these files when really necessary. Our algorithm should gradually be refined and we hope that in future versions the number of false conflict files will decrease.

In the meantime, when you encounter files in `conflict`, all you have to do is open the file and its `conflict` version and make sure that it matches a previous version of the file.

If so, then you can safely delete the `conflict` file. Eventually, we plan to integrate into the application a tool to manage these conflicts more easily.