Maximum number of connected devices allowed

Our Discover offer allows a maximum of 2 connected devices. If you encounter a warning telling you that you have reached the maximum number of devices, you have the follwoing options:

  • remove this limit by subscribing to our Standard or Premium offer
  • revoke the devices you no longer use from the list from your Cozy settings

List of “devices” that counts :

  • Every Cozy mobile app installed on your Android/iOS phones
  • Each Cozy Pass mobile application installed on Android / iOS
  • Each Cozy Desktop application installed on Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Each Cozy Pass extension installed on your Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers

List of  “devices” that do not counts :

  • using Cozy in a web browser does not count towards this total. You can use an unlimited number of computers to access your Cozy via the web.
  • if you use the same device twice, it only counts once. It is the number of devices that we count, not the number of connections.
  • it is possible to revoke a device that you no longer use in order to free up space. Each device can be revoked an unlimited number of times.

Check the number of devices connected to the Cozy

If you want to check the number of devices currently connected to your Cozy, go to your Cozy's settings, then to the Connected devices tab: