Use dual authentication with Cozy Pass (TOTP)

Cozy Pass lets you generate single-use login codes for sites offering dual authentication via TOTP.
When you activate TOTP authentication on a site, it provides you with an authentication key.

Add an authentication key to Cozy Pass:

Via browser extension:

Edit the identifier corresponding to the site, and save this key in the field below the password :

Using your smartphone:

If the key is only available via a QR code, it is not possible to enter it via the Cozy Pass extension, it is necessary to go through the Cozy Pass mobile application.

For iPhone: For your Android smartphone:
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In the Cozy Pass application on your phone, edit the identifier. A button allows you to photograph the QR code to extract the key:

Use an authentication key:

To obtain a single-use code, you can either open the extension and click on the clock icon to the right of the identifier:

or open the context menu in the code entry field and select Cozy Pass / Copy verification code: