Why are some connectors under maintenance?

While they worked perfectly for several months, some of your connectors are sometimes temporarily deactivated to be put into maintenance. This is for two distinct reasons:   1- The site on which the data is retrieved has been modified    Our team must then update the connector. Many simple changes are made quickly and are invisible to our users, but sometimes it is necessary to start the development of the connector from scratch, or to unlock new complex connection procedures for example. Restarting the connector will therefore depend on the complexity of the problem.  2- The site has set up a blocking mechanism   This last point is by far the most complicated since there is often no workaround method. The most common solutions are adding a captcha on the connection step (the famous "I'm not a robot"!) or simply blocking the IPs of the servers on which our connectors run.

The General Data Protection Regulation , in force since May 2018, stipulates that you have the right to recover your data, including by means of automated processing such as Cozy.

We are currently in contact with the sites that are blocking us in order to try to unblock the situation as quickly as possible.