Cozy Pass

Use dual authentication with Cozy Pass (TOTP)

Cozy Pass lets you generate single-use login codes for sites

Create a note with my Cozy Pass

To create a note from your Cozy Pass, password manager

Can I use Cozy to sync my KeePass password keychain?

No, Cozy is not compatible with KeePass. A few years

I forgot my master password. What should I do ?

You are the sole holder of your master password: Cozy

What is the Master Password Hint?

When you register online, you must provide a hint about

How to disable or re-enable Pass autofill on a website

New in Cozy Pass If you often visit a website

Cozy Pass extension for browsers

What is the Cozy extension for my browser? The Cozy

How to export passwords

You can export your credentials stored in Cozy Pass through

What is a hint

Protecting your Cozy with a strong password is necessary. But

How to unactivate the saving of your passwords by my browser

On Chrome By default, Chrome offers to save your password.