Anthony (Cozy Cloud)

Working with Powens

Powens (formerly known as Budget Insight) is one of the

Create a note with my Cozy Pass

To create a note from your Cozy Pass, password manager

Can I use Cozy to sync my KeePass password keychain?

No, Cozy is not compatible with KeePass. A few years

I forgot my master password. What should I do ?

You are the sole holder of your master password: Cozy

What is the Master Password Hint?

When you register online, you must provide a hint about

How to disable or re-enable Pass autofill on a website

New in Cozy Pass If you often visit a website

Cozy Pass extension for browsers

What does the extension do?  The extension appears as a

How to export passwords

You can export your credentials stored in Cozy Pass through

How to manage the different versions of a file?

How to view older versions of files 1. Connect to

How to edit your documents directly in your Cozy

Since February 2023, it has been possible to consult and