Cozy Drive

How to manage the different versions of a file?

How to view older versions of files 1. Connect to

How to edit your documents directly in your Cozy

Since February 2023, it has been possible to consult and

Is it possible to synchronize several Cozy with a computer?

No, it is not possible to synchronize several Cozy with

The sync app shows a message saying it has no connection

Since the last update of the Cozy Drive sync app

Symbolic links under Cozy Drive?

The Cozy Drive app does not support any "special" files.

I have conflicting files, what should I do?

Currently, the sync app has a very cautious approach, probably

How to automatically synchronize a folder with my Cozy

The Cozy Drive application installed on your computer allows you

Disable a share link

To disable a share link, you must click the Share

How to share files or folders with your Cozy

Today, from your Cozy's web interface, you can share your

Naming limitations

The synchronization application allows you to synchronize files between computers